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Blast from the past :)

News of the year! FAST TRACKER 2 IS BACK! Its 100% clone of old good FT2 for modern Windows and Mac. No shitty DOSBox setups. It’s beta, but works great! FT2 download: and… this is not new, but maybe … Continue reading

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Cheap, but powerful PC

I bought recently used Workstation HP Z600 from year 2010 on ebay. link It cost less than 300 Euros and this is Mercedes of computers! Everything solid as rock. These machines were very expensive as new. I got 2 xeon … Continue reading

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Lo-FI Drums. S1000 7x floppy omniflop images for Free

Here you have omniflop images of my personal lo-fi drum sample collection for Akai S series samplers. These are in s1000 disk format and it can be used with akai s950 s1000 s1100 s2000 s3000 s5000 and many others devices. … Continue reading

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Yamaha TG500 / SY85 drum and fx samples

Yamaha TG500 is a rompler from 1992. Rack version of Yamaha SY85 workstation with bigger polyphony but no internal RAM memory (as default). Current Yamaha Motifs predecessor. Many filters, good effects. You can buy up to 2 512kb RAM modules … Continue reading

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SMDI sample transfer over MIDI

I’ve just found excellent little program for windows and mac Elektron C6 SysExManager / local copy: mac windows This software can upload wav and aiff samples to ANY hardware sampler that supports SMDI transfer protocol by MIDI cable! Designed for … Continue reading

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Roland U-220 / U-20 drum & fx samples

Absolutely FREE, drum & fx samples from my Roland u-220 rompler module from 1989. It is rack version of Roland U-20 keyboard. Provided sample pack includes additional latin and fx sounds from expansion card number 2. It contains all drum … Continue reading

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Korg DDD-5 drum samples

more info at download pdf brochure Drum machine Korg DDD-5, very nice vintage sound, claps and kick similar to Linn drum. It’s little brother of Korg DDD-1. 29 sounds. Pads are pressure sensitive DOWNLOAD DDD-5 SAMPLE PACK Originally … Continue reading

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Roland TR-626 Samples

Very cheap 12-bit 1987 drum machine, last of TR series. Lots of sounds (if compared to other tr-series) more info at pdf manual SAMPLE PACK OF ALL TR-626 SOUNDS – DOWNLOAD samples @ 48khz 16bit, some sounds … Continue reading

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Boss DR-660 sample pack

Boss DR-660 is great drum machine from 1992, it is not just a simple rompler, but it’s very good drum synthesizer (based on samples) Reverb, delay, chorus and flange effects are onboard. 255 16-bit sounds. more info at download … Continue reading

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Yamaha RX7 complete sample pack

RX7, 12bit drum machine from Yamaha (1987) comes after RX5. It has all RX5 waveforms + even some more but it does not have individual outputs and lacks some less important features. Keys are pressure sensitive. more info about RX7: … Continue reading

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