Boss DR-660 sample pack

Boss DR-660

Boss DR-660 is great drum machine from 1992, it is not just a simple rompler, but it’s very good drum synthesizer (based on samples)
Reverb, delay, chorus and flange effects are onboard. 255 16-bit sounds.

more info at

download pdf manual and turbo start guide

and the most important part of this post :)
High quality sample pack of all dr-660 sounds – download here (over 60mb zip archive)
There are long decay sounds at two or three different pitches.
It takes me a lot of work to record, denoise and trim these samples, so please leave thanks in comments :-)

These samples can be used with no restrictions as components of musical compositions either private or commercial. BUT you are not allowed to redistribute, sell or use as application (plugin) component. ASK ME FIRST!

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21 Responses to Boss DR-660 sample pack

  1. Al says:

    Awesome! Thank you some much, very useful indeed!

  2. Max says:

    Thanks! :smile:

  3. Sid Francis says:

    Thank you sooo much! I once owned the 550 and miss a few sounds. Probably some kind of deja vu to come..;-)

  4. David says:

    thanks man. I really appreciate it!!

  5. alex says:

    maybe you know real dance mania ghetto trax style drum machine i love it

  6. Martin78 says:

    my zip contains all sounds from dr-660 (except two sounds of bass, maybe i will update this archive later)

    it looks that dj topcat created this tracks only on dr-660

    you probably like this sound similar to cowbell, i think that few sounds were layered with some internal reverb or maybe chorus

    try mix pitched down sound 230 with sounds 185,208,211,220 and maybe other
    set short decay envelope, add short reverb and little chorus
    it will be hard to recreate exactly the same sound
    but i think that sounds 230 dominates

    keep in mind that dr-660 is not a simple sample player
    there are many presets that are generated from internal waves in specific way
    for example whenever you set own pitch on the preset, it sounds very different
    it does not sound just the same way when you play sample at different pitch

    Its very hard to sample all sounds and every sound at different pitch

    So experiment with wavs i provided or buy cheap real dr-660

    Best regards

  7. alex says:

    sorry my english is not the best i just wanna say thank you. and show you that track if you don´t know it. yes i know its not a sampleplayer i playd it a few years ago but at that time i didn´t like the sound so much. but today i like it very much. but sorry i can´t say it better again thanks alot.

  8. alex says:

    Its very hard to sample all sounds and every sound at different pitch

    sure i wouldn´t do that too ;) there are many ways to do it for me to play with that samples.

  9. Yoshi says:

    Wow, this is really one of the only drum machine sample libraries worth collecting. It’s a shame that they don’t really make/sell drum machines like that anymore. Thanks so much for all your hard work and attention to important details.

  10. Winstan says:

    Lot of time since the last comment… thank you for sharing this! I’m considering to buy a used dr-660 so you sample kit will be really useful to understand the range of sounds! Cheers

  11. david says:

    thanks so much for the pack – much appreciated man.

  12. Golden Tarot says:

    You sir are a level 99 badass! THANKS SO MUCH!

  13. Bob says:

    Sound amazing! Thanks for keeping them available for download for over two years!

  14. nilsman says:

    Thank you very much for the hard work… I am downloading the package right now and hardly can wait to import this on my s2800i…

  15. Dan says:

    Great work Martin !
    Thank You for Yamaha RX7 sample pack man !

    Here is my DR-606 in action:

    I want Yamaha RX7 now badly ! ))

  16. Bennie Bigins says:

    I had a DR-660 from 1994-2010 and loved it. Thanks for this set.

  17. BOOZ says:

    Kick ass sound bank. Thank you a lot dude. Peace!!!!

  18. Raylow says:

    Thanks Martin for that very much appriciated.
    I use them in the Volca sample so I trimmed your whole file with wavosaur (it contains a very useful batch processing tool to process many samples at once)

  19. Leon says:

    Thank you so much for the samplepack!
    I own a DR660 and love its sounds, but never could be arsed to sample them.
    So I was very happy to find your site :-)

    Thanks again

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