Roland U-220 / U-20 drum & fx samples

Roland U-220

Absolutely FREE, drum & fx samples from my Roland u-220 rompler module from 1989. It is rack version of Roland U-20 keyboard.
Provided sample pack includes additional latin and fx sounds from expansion card number 2. It contains all drum and fx samples with different pitches, effects off, long decay and relase set. Samples were originally recorded at 24bit 48khz by Motu 2408 mk2 interface, then denoised (removed few db of noise floor) and converted to 16bit.


Roland u-220 is simple 16-bit rompler, 30 voices of polyphony, 4mb of rom, reverb, chorus and delay effects are onboard.
No control over filter but you can control ADSR envelope and you can stack up to 6 detuned and panned voices, so you can create some fat basses or fat synths. Waveforms generally are not so bad, but related to popular music (very good piano).

download roland u-220 manual
download windows editor

more info about u-20 / u-220 at:

These samples can be used with no restrictions as components of musical compositions either private or commercial. BUT you are not allowed to redistribute, sell. ASK ME FIRST!

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8 Responses to Roland U-220 / U-20 drum & fx samples

  1. alex says:

    another great sample pack thanks a lot.

    really usefull

  2. gerhard severin says:


  3. soundude says:

    Awesome, I post it in my blog letting people know about your good work.

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  5. will repost on my forums site “” please keep up the great work!

  6. Matin Orr says:

    Many thanks for this, got a U220 in the loft but saves me getting it out and blowing off the dust!
    Many thanks for a really useful download

    • Steen says:

      dust it off for no other reason to get the battery out in time… or just leave it plugged if there is still life in it…

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