Yamaha RX7 complete sample pack

Yamaha rx7

RX7, 12bit drum machine from Yamaha (1987) comes after RX5. It has all RX5 waveforms + even some more but it does not have individual outputs and lacks some less important features. Keys are pressure sensitive.

more info about RX7:
sonicste.com yamaha.com

download pdf manual

download rx7 sample pack

Samples were originally recorded at 24bit 48khz. For recording I used Lexicon mpx550 (bypass mode). Converted to 16bit without noise dithering.

These samples can be used with no restrictions as components of musical compositions either private or commercial.
BUT you are not allowed to redistribute, sell. ASK ME FIRST!

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5 Responses to Yamaha RX7 complete sample pack

  1. THANK you! I love the sidestick.

  2. Justin says:

    Hey man, thanks so much for these. Was going to buy one, but thanks to you, I just loaded all of these into LMMS and got to work. They worked perfectly. Check out a track I made here https://soundcloud.com/justin-wierbonski/matter-pressing-matter use all drum sounds from this pack. As well as the bass and vocal samples.

  3. Sigrid says:


    Thank you very much for your vintage drum machine sample packs!

    Regards from Sweden.

  4. steve gilbert says:

    thank you!
    I was just about to go n sample my RX5 for use as a emx24 sample set in logic and also for the sample pads on my FA-06 so this saves me tons of time!

    thanks you so much for all your effort on this

    nice one stee+cat

  5. kdk64 says:

    Thank you, I love it!!!

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