Akai s1100 CF card inside (scsi to ide)

I wanted to have hard disk inside my s1100. Real hard drives are not recommended due to risk of overheating. S1100 produces high temperature inside already.

Take a look (click for bigger pictures):
Akai s1100 with scsi to ide cf adapter

Akai s1100 with scsi to ide cf adapter

Akai s1100 with scsi to ide cf adapter

There is second power socket on the main board, the same as for floppy drive, so its easy to make power cable for scsi adapter.

I bought:
1) scsi 68pin to ide adapter (ebay)
2) 68 pin internal cable (ebay)
3) 50-68pin sci adapter (ebay)
4) ide cf adapter (ebay)
5) two cheap metal holders (local store)
6) molex cables (ebay)
6) compact flash card (local store)

Important thing: Internal scsi socket in s1100 and s1000 is probably wrong, i don’t know why, maybe hardware bug.
If your scsi device won’t work, try plug socket in backwards!
So cutting or filing cable plug may be necessary.
I’ve cut 50 to 68 adapter to fit backwards.

I have about 520mb space available which is max for s1000/s1100 and max 17 partitions.

I tired few CF cards and only two works: Transcend 1gb and Pretec 16gb. Sandiks, Kingston cards were not recognized.

Now it works perfect. Any questions?, please leave comment. Thanks!

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19 Responses to Akai s1100 CF card inside (scsi to ide)

  1. mrP says:

    Very Nice site!
    I just tried to install a internal scsi jaz drive inside my beloved akai s1100.
    For some reason i smoked the drive!
    To start with is a Jaz drive compatible with the s1100?
    I took the power from the second power socket on the main board and straight to the internal Jaz drive power socket and ensure the 1,2,3,4 matched.
    I really don’t get it?
    Smoke came out the drive and thats it really.
    There was also internal jumper “a0,a1,a2” inside the Jaz drive i din’t quite know what to do with so i only left the a0 jumper on.
    Let me know what you think.
    Take care and keep the akai’s vintage dynasty alive!

  2. Martin78 says:

    You can’t smoke the drive just with wrong jumper settings.

    So i think that you have wrong power cable to the drive.

    Do you have digital multimeter?
    Check voltages on the main board and cable.

    look here http://pinouts.ru/Power/BigPower_pinout.shtml

    Drive jumpers are probably for scsi id or terminator
    I have internal 2gb jazz drive in my akai s5000

  3. mrP says:

    Thanks Martin for answering so fast!
    I will check the voltages and let you know.
    You think even if the limit for a hardrive is 512mb i could make work a Jaz drive with the s1100?
    Take care.

  4. mrP says:

    Hi Martin!
    Sorry for taking for ever!
    I checked the voltage, evrything was correct.
    I tried with an other internal Jaz Drive and it is powering perfectly! Thanks to you!
    Now the thing is i can’t find a way for the s1100 to recognise it for some reason?
    I tried to flip the scsi connector but still not working.
    The s1100 is not seing it as a floppy drive or hard drive?
    Kindest Regards.

  5. Martin78 says:

    you must have terminator set on your scsi device
    because s1110 does not have internal terminator

    second thing is that you must set correct scsi id on the s1100 (scsi page)

    the best solution is to have id numer 5 for the drive
    then sampler recognize it without any additional settings after boot
    id 6 is used by sampler

  6. mrP says:

    Thanks Martin for answering!
    What is a terminator, does it have to do with the a0, a1, a2 jumper on the Jazz drive (is there a specific setting for that as well?)
    Take care.

    PS:If you ever come to Paris, let me pay you a drink!

    • Martin78 says:


      I checked my internal 2gb jazz drive and there is no terminator jumper
      so if your jazz drive do not have terminator jumper too
      you need external terminator plugged to scsi port (on the akai back)
      because akai s1100 does not have own terminator

      look, here is picture of exteral 50 pin terminator http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d3/SCSI_Terminator_50pol_Centronics.jpg

      you need exactly this terminator

      or there is second solution
      you need external scsi device with terminator set on, for example external cd-rom

      the last thing
      my internal jazz drive does not have id settings jumpers, it has always id 2
      so make you sure that you set that id in scsi page of your sampler
      because default settings is 5

      I hope this help :)

  7. Aske says:

    Hey Martin! Nice site! Would this work in the s950? please respond to my email, thank you!
    – Aske

    • Martin78 says:

      Hello! It’s not possible, even if you have scsi card for akai s950 (IB-109) there is no internal scsi socket
      I suggest you to buy SD floppy emulator
      http://torlus.com/floppy/forum/ – find the right topic about akai s950 and read
      you can buy HxC drive emulator on ebay ($149 right now)

      • Nutjob says:

        I don’t know about impossible. The card has a ribbon connector that goes out the external centronics SCSI port. I reckon the whole centronics port could be moved inside the unit and an adapter used to convert back to ribbon cable SCSI as some people do with their mpc 3000s, or a custom ribbon cable could be made up to go from the ib109 to the SCSI drive. What do you reckon?

        Another problem is that the s950 expects there to be a floppy in the drive before it lets you select SCSI drives for use. I was thinking of trying to put 5V across the the “drive ready” line on the floppy connector, but I seem to recall that an unformatted floppy also blocked me from getting to the SCSI drive. Now I’m thinking about putting an HxC inside. Lol.

        Just got an s1100 in the post today. Lousy packaging – lucky they’re built like tanks. It’s got an expansion card next door to the smpte bay with two 1/4 inch sockets. No idea what it is. Will open her up soon and try to find out.

  8. Martin78 says:

    I don’t have s900 so i can’t help more.
    Congrats you bought s1100 :)
    I don’t have idea what is your expansion for.
    I have only spdif and smpte cards.

  9. Asier says:

    I’ve just bought a s1100 sampler and the seller gave me a second one with broken floppy drive, so I’ve been thinking on putting a sata HDD inside.
    I saw that sata can be connected to SAS.
    My cuestion is, will it work? and for instance if I put a 80gb hdd inside would I have that storage inside? or is it better to go the CF way?
    Thank you.
    Your help and guide is much appreicated

  10. Asier says:

    my question is answered in the first line of your post…I feel ashamed!

  11. Marc says:

    Martin – old thread I know but thanks for this info. Just bought an s3000xl again as I don’t like software samplers – am going to try to install an internal Jaz drive.

  12. Dan says:

    Just wanted to post some info for people looking for storage solutions. You can get these working would extra expensive adapters (such as the ACARD adapters)

    CF Raizin is a SCSI -> Compact Flash reader. Can be mounted in place of the floppy drive. (I have this installed in my s1100; works well). Cost is about $120 USD on eBay

    SCSI2SD is a SCSI to SD reader than can be internally mounted and acts like a hard drive. Cost is about $90 USD. Look on google for the website.

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