Akai s3000xl scsi to ide cf mod

Here are pictures of my S3000XL with cf card inside as hard disk.
I used IO-Data scsi to ide adapter from ebay, Ide to cf adapter, 2gb sandisk card, and some molex cables.
I mounted IDE-to-CF adapter on the bottom by using 3 screws. It fits perfect
I also modded power plug as you can see on the picture to get 5v and 12v.
I have 16 partitions, about 500mb available.

S3000xl scsi to ide
S3000xl scsi to ide
S3000xl scsi to ide
S3000xl scsi to ide
S3000xl scsi to ide

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14 Responses to Akai s3000xl scsi to ide cf mod

  1. Steve says:

    Hey Dude!

    Very nice man! very nice indeed!
    I’ve been sourcing out old computers n stuff to install a old scsi hardrive into my s3000xl but hey I think Ive been wasting my time…

    Might have to give your mod a shot, see how I go?

    Good stuff! Great to see peeps still messing with this vintage gear, keep it up…


    Steve, Perth West Australia.

  2. Siegfried says:

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for this very useful information and the clear explanation. I will give your mod a try!

    Thanks again.



  3. Phreon says:

    I have a S2800 Pro that has the SCSI board installed. I already have a CF IDE adapter and managed to score an IDE SCSI adapter off of ebay for $15. Since the S2800 has no internal SCSI header, I’ll just mount the CF reader in an external case. I’m curious, have you tried addressing you sampler CF cards directly from a PC or Mac? Swapping the CF card between the Akai and PC or MAC with a cheap CF card reader would seem to be a good way to quickly transfer samples.


  4. Patrick says:

    Dear Martin,

    Thanks for posting this info on here, which gives me some hope in solving my troubles when it comes to upgrading my akai s- xl’s to cf reader and os2.0.

    First I got a working s3200xl with cf reader and os1.5 installed. The sampler reads the cf card as hard:a, with one partition. However, after swapping in a os2.0 EPROM, the sampler fails to recognise the cf reader and I cannot get it to format the card. Now the bootup is stuck in hard disk not ready skip…

    The cf card worked fine before the EPROM change. Any idea how I can resolve this?

    My utmost appreciation.


    • Martin78 says:


      Probably your new os has different id scsi settings for hard disk

      1. find out what scsi id number your cf reader have

      2. go to the scsi page and set correct scsi id for hard disk then try load something

      default settings for harddisk is id=5 but probably you have different id

      Why it worked before?
      You loaded os from disk? Right?

      When you have os on disk, not on eprom
      you can write different scsi id setting to disk together with os file.

      With eprom os you can’t do this.
      So if you have harddisk on id other than 5 you have to set it every boot

      If it will not help let me know
      and tell me please what cf reader do you have

  5. James says:

    Very interesting! but why do you need to relocate the brown wires? and if that really is necessary can you tell me what brown wire goes where on that connector? and show the corresponding wires which go to the main PCB.



    • Martin78 says:

      Scsi to ide adapter needs power, 12v and 5v
      thats why i connected SCSI2IDE adapter to brown cables at main power plug.

      Ofcourse i checked voltage before.

      You can make connection to floppy power connector also,
      but i decided take power directly from power supply board and then route it to SCSI2IDE and IDE2CF by popular molex and floppy cables

  6. Crinoceronte says:

    Hi Martin, first of all thanks for all your precious info, which helped me getting more and more addicted to akai’s :-) I just bought a superb s3200 on ebay which came without display. Well plugging the headphones and playing the main tone it works fine… So far so good! Now I’m stuck with my workflow, trying to get a display for my new tool. There seems to be noone out there who can help me but people selling backlights for the display. Are you able to help me?

  7. Lee says:

    Hi Martin,

    Just out of interest what brand(s) are the SCSI-to-IDE and the IDE-CF adaptor boards?

    I work with digital gear a lot so know my way around bits and bobs, didn’t know if there was any specific firmware revs about the SCSI-IDE part though?



    • Martin78 says:

      there are many scsi to ide adapters
      not matter which one you use, jut make sure you have correct socket or cable adapters :)

      i have many different adapters in my gear, everything works

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