Akai tools

Akai Tools

Very useful “must have” tools for akai S1k/S3k samplers:

Omni Flop – reads and saves akai floppys and images (Win XP)
Wav2Akai – converts wavs to akai s1000 *.p programs (Win 98, XP)
EMXP – soft for Emu and Akai for reading and saving akai programs or wavs to floppy (Win XP)
Akai Util – reads akai disks and images (Win XP) project homepage
Akai Disk – reads and saves akai floppy programs (Win 98)
Akai Sex – converts floppy disks, programs between s900 s950 s1000 s3000 formats (for Atari ST / TT/ Falcon only!)
AWave – shareware sample converter, program editor, reads and saves in akai s1000 or s3000 formats. Reads akai floppy images from Omni Flop. Also it can read edit and save akai s5000 *.akp format (Win XP)
Chicken Sys Translator – commercial powerful sample converter. Read, save, format akai jaz disks, zip disks, hard drives, cd-roms. Convert many free available soundfonts to akai and save it directly to akai disk! Must have!
C6 SMID sample dump utility free tool for uploading samples via midi (mac and windows) / local copy: mac windows

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9 Responses to Akai tools

  1. Ben says:

    thank you very much for this comprehensive overview!
    I got an AKAI S2800i with an external SCSI ZIP drive as well as a USB ZIP drive for my mac.
    May I ask, I would like to transfer the samples on my mac to the AKAI via ZIP disks, what would you suggest is the best way softwarewise to do this?

    Kind regards,

  2. Borja says:

    Hi there.
    I got an S1000HD with an external SCSI CD drive.
    Just wanted to ask the best way to burn a CD with samples on a PC running Windows 8 and making them readable by the external SCSI CD drive since I don’t have any SCSI ports on my PC.

    Regards, Borja

  3. Per says:

    Borja, I’m two years late for your question but there an application called IMGBurn – http://www.imgburn.com – you can try. Like many other techniques for burning disks for a sampler the method is
    1) do a virtual disk that contains all you files
    2) convert that image to a real disk using you burning software.

    I’ve done it for AKAI S1000/1100 and Kurzweils on a old mac so it should be doable now.

  4. fred says:

    Nice little collection of akai tools! They all seem to work more or less, but I’m really having trouble with using akaiutils, and I was wondering if you could help.
    From the readme, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to mount actual floppy disks, only floppy images. Am I wrong here, or do I need to make an Omniflop akai image, then use akaiutils to replace samples, then use omniflop to write it back to a disk?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Martin78 says:

      yep, use omniflop and akaiutil together

      as i remember akaiutils reads psyhical disks (zips harddisks) but no floppies

  5. Mark van Exter says:


    Thank you very much, nice selection of drum sounds :)
    S3000XL running like a train over here !

    greetz from Amsterdam

  6. vidar smith says:

    Have you found any windows editor for Akai S2800?
    I know about Sound Quest Midi Quest, but it´s for Akai S2000 and I don´t know if it works on Akai S2800.


    • Martin78 says:

      Editor Akai MESA from s3000xl should work, but you must have old pci scsi card inside PC to connect akai sampler.
      I just use akaiutil utility for converting wavs to akai disks (zip disks) or floppy images.
      You can use commercial ChickenSys Translator or Extreme sample converter or anything that can convert to akai format and then free akaiutil to save to akaidisks or floppy disk images

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