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Lo-FI Drums. S1000 7x floppy omniflop images for Free

Here you have omniflop images of my personal lo-fi drum sample collection for Akai S series samplers. These are in s1000 disk format and it can be used with akai s950 s1000 s1100 s2000 s3000 s5000 and many others devices. … Continue reading

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Akai s3000xl scsi to ide cf mod

Here are pictures of my S3000XL with cf card inside as hard disk. I used IO-Data scsi to ide adapter from ebay, Ide to cf adapter, 2gb sandisk card, and some molex cables. I mounted IDE-to-CF adapter on the bottom … Continue reading

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Akai s1100 CF card inside (scsi to ide)

I wanted to have hard disk inside my s1100. Real hard drives are not recommended due to risk of overheating. S1100 produces high temperature inside already. Take a look (click for bigger pictures): There is second power socket on the … Continue reading

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Akai time stretch / pitch shift software

I’ve just found nice software for time stretch / pitch shift. It works like old akai samplers. download here: Akaizer Please donate to the author, He wants beer :) local copy: windows mac command line version for win, mac, linux

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Akai S5000 / S6000

S5000 is my second favorite sampler. It sounds excellent, very clean and polished. Filters are not very aggressive or spectacular (however with resonance), but you get many types to choose (26 types). Good midi implementation, two lfos with many different … Continue reading

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Akai S3000XL

Akai s3000xl is solid working horse, very popular. It has 12db low-pass filter with resonance, digital outputs, 32mb of ram expandable by cheap 72pin simms, 32 voices of polyphony, decent midi implementation, nice free windows scsi editor – MESA. You … Continue reading

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Akai S1000 / S1100

I have S1100 unit. This is my favorite sampler because it has very good, bright, clear sound and very nice 18db filter. It has good fx board based on motorola dsp 56000 chip. I like S1100 even more than S3000XL. … Continue reading

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Akai tools

Very useful “must have” tools for akai S1k/S3k samplers: Omni Flop – reads and saves akai floppys and images (Win XP) Wav2Akai – converts wavs to akai s1000 *.p programs (Win 98, XP) EMXP – soft for Emu and Akai … Continue reading

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