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Yamaha TG500 / SY85 drum and fx samples

Yamaha TG500 is a rompler from 1992. Rack version of Yamaha SY85 workstation with bigger polyphony but no internal RAM memory (as default). Current Yamaha Motifs predecessor. Many filters, good effects. You can buy up to 2 512kb RAM modules … Continue reading

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Roland U-220 / U-20 drum & fx samples

Absolutely FREE, drum & fx samples from my Roland u-220 rompler module from 1989. It is rack version of Roland U-20 keyboard. Provided sample pack includes additional latin and fx sounds from expansion card number 2. It contains all drum … Continue reading

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Roland MC-505 sample pack

manual: MC-505_OM.pdf service manual: MC-505_groovebox_SM.pdf editor for windows mc505-editor-v2.zip Here you have complete drum and fx waveform pack from Roland MC-505 Groovebox (1998-2002). roland-mc505-martin78com.zip Samples were recorded @ 96k 24bit thru EMU 0404 pci soundcard, with max possible signal level. … Continue reading

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